About Clare




La Municipalité de Clare, situated on the shores of Saint Mary's Bay in Southwest Nova Scotia, is a vibrant community with many possibilities for recreation, employment and socialization. The municipality of Clare is a rural community in Saint Mary's Bay and is the largest Acadian region in Nova Scotia. In this beautiful bilingual region, you can find a wide variety of services and companies to suit your needs.


Clare is an acadian community which has a high degree of pride in the acadian culture.  In the summer, many local homes and businesses display the Acadian flag.  Being an acadian community, we consider it  a strength as the vast majority of our population is bilingual and can function in both english and french languages.  The community is also home to one of the largest Acadien Festivals in the world, and the only Acadien Festival to be considered a signature event by Tourism Nova Scotia.


Our community also benefits from having the only french university in the province of Nova Scotia, Université Sainte-Anne. Université Sainte-Anne, an important employer for our region situated in Church Point, is an integral part of our community and offers a wide variety of undergraduate degrees including an education degree. Click here to view Université Sainte-Anne's website.


While our region is diversified and offers a wide range of types of business services, the two most important industries in our region are fishing and forestry.


bangorOur economy doesn't solely rely on industries based on the transformation of raw materials but many others such as the information technology industry that is constantly developing here in Clare.





With numerous social clubs, the Clare Golf and Country Club, Clare’s Community Center (curling club), Université Sainte-Anne, the wind turbine in Little Brook, beautiful beaches, and numerous breathtaking historical churches and Acadian historical sites, there's no question why so many people are drawn to our community.



Planning to move your business?  Looking for a new location to set-up?  


Consider our beautiful corner of the world as a location for your next facility, production plant or call center.  We have a skilled and talented bilingual workforce that is eager to work for you.  Contact us to visit our municipality today.

Important statistics on our area:

Total Population = 9067 
French and English Speaking Percentage = 76.8%
French Speaking Percentage = 71%  
Total Area = 852.82 Square Kilometers

Distribution of Workforce across Sectors (4480 workers in 2001)
Manufacturing = 1000
Fisheries, & Forestry = 790
Education = 515
Retail = 495
Health Care = 315

Our economy
Unemployment rate in May 2001 = 14.1 % (provincial average 10.9%)
% of population in primary sector (Exploitation of natural resource) = 18.3%
% of population in secondary sector (Manufacturing & Construction) = 27.8%
% of population in tertiary sector (Services) = 54 %

Our fisheries = $176,444,000 (1999 to 2003 figures)

Building Permits issued in 2001 = 247
Value of Building Permits issued in 2001 = $7,874,800